Contact Us

There are many ways to reach the Airflow user and developer communities - use whichever one seems best!

How to contact us When to use it
user@ mailing list User support and questions (Subscribe1, Unsubscribe1, Archives)
dev@ mailing list Development discussions (Subscribe1, Unsubscribe1, Archives)
commits@ mailing list Firehose of commits, bugs, pull requests, etc. (Subscribe1, Unsubscribe1, Archives)
builds@ mailing list Firehose of build notifications from Jenkins (Subscribe1, Unsubscribe1, Archives)
JIRA bug tracker Report bugs / discover known issues
StackOverflow Ask and answer user support questions
Slack Chat with users and developers in the Apache Airflow Slack.

If you wish to report a security vulnerability, please contact Apache Airflow follows the typical Apache vulnerability handling process.

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